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Although I've only been here only 2 months, I noticed a change, too. And my reaction to said change is notable in my posting habits, with an increase in memes to counter the shillage and effortposts to beat back the blackpills.

Prior to the Ryancare debacle, there was a minimal presence at best of shareblue. Afterwords, they started smelling blood in the water and started going after that, and we saw a bunch of previously inactive accounts and new ones pop up and start posting anti-Trump stuff - a trend that continued and is still increasing daily.

Post Syria bombing, we've been caught in an interesting situation where the shills are actually using the Kushner-jew angle against us - as is evident with the jüdenpress publishing a story about Kushner and Soros, without any evidence.

Like I said to @HarlandKornfield14, between this and the influx of shills posting shitlib stuff, I stopped trying to have decent arguments and just started slapping shill everywhere, regardless of if it got me the label of zionist shill or what have you. This has produced interesting results, as a few people have gotten a bee up their bonnet from my shillfucking and effortposting and have regularly been tagging my name to instigate me into a spergeout or something.

I know a few, like @BigFatDaddy @Troll @collegetoker and @Goathole, who are definitely legit - and not because of echochambering, as they've disagreed with me on more than a few issues. (Edit 3: add @WhiteRonin on that list. How did I forget about you fam?)

Some, like @superesper (spergepost about kikeshill in 5... 4... 3... 2...) and others who keep posting the "no more wars for Shlomo" meme are definitely suspicious, considering the aforementioned evil-kike angle being used by the jüdenpress, and the fact that war has not officially been declared and was actually averted.

I can't say I can recognize every account on voat, but I remember regular posters. And I don't remember seeing a lot of these usernames before the last week or so, despite these accounts being old.

Edit: That all said, wait for the dust to settle and clear on the Syria situation. I got a feeling there's more than meets the eye on this, and that Trump is (once again) going to prove himself to us. So, the shillage will die down in a week or three.

Edit 2: Also, if my shillfucking has caused anyone worthwhile any displeasure, I sincerely apologise. I promise to return to my polite ways when the shillbots stop getting paid.


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I appreciate your trust and the vote of confidence: truth is going to become a rare commodity in the coming years based on the way things are going.