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Thanks for all your hard work Atko and thanks for asking us what we need!

For me, it would be helpful to get a notification if a link or discussion is posted in a subverse I mod. Further have the ability to turn that notification on / off per moderator, per subverse. Perhaps in the inbox have a 4th column "Verses I mod" or something. That way a busy subverse will not drown out the username mentions, comment / post replies.

This feature would let me log in quick and check things out when I am rushed and let me catch posts in 'verses not posted in that often that I may see late otherwise. That helps me to promote good content and discourage spam or content that is contrary to subverse rules etc..

Thanks for reading.


[–] Atko [S] 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago 

Thank you for speaking out :) I guess we could have a separate inbox just for moderators. We are due for a major inbox overhaul so this will definitely be something I will keep in mind.

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[–] Witler_Austrich 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I second this!

I hate trying to check around my subs and figuring out what's new, but this would be absoltly king!


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I second this! :)


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In the interim you could create a set that includes the subverses you moderate, and check the set periodically, I suppose.


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Good idea. That is actually what I do now!