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Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws. - Rothschild


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The holocaust was a failure, it targeted the wrong demograph of the jewish population. Innocent families who held the faith but no intention of global wrong doing. The wealthy corrupt jews bought their way out ie soros. All the final solution did wipe out the weaker competition for the elite, which, 20 years later has backfired massively as the entire population of Israel is mostly made from descendants of holocaust survivors, most of which payed the Nazi to escape.

That is why they are a protected class, their accumulated wealth and influence along with the guilt trip of "muh 6 million" makes their secular group another higher class in itself.

And you can thank the Nazi for that fuck up.

If only they handled it like how Iceland handled their corrupt bankers, lynch the guys up top, would have been faster, cheaper and much more effective, and actually achieve the goal they were trying to achieve.


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On an individual level many of them may be ok and contributing members of society. But as a thinking person, one has to question the official narrative of their role as the innocent perpetual victims. It's suspicious at best because the official narrative isn't even allowed to be examined or questioned. No objective person can deny that they control the banks and media and are hugely influential. But you can't even say that or else you'll be branded a particular type of racist. Is there an overarching conspiracy? Can't bring that up and can't examine it. Nothing to see here, move on.


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They aren't protected. People just tend to speak up when people talk shit on them because people in this country who actually know Jews don't have any problems with them. The stereotypes are BS, and they overall care about their communities, work hard, have well mannered kids, and help gentrify ghettos resulting in nicer cities.

The people who dont understand that are either raging Muslims, or live in the woods, dont know and Jews, and drink too much fucking kool-aid. I know a few Jews, and went to school with them, as well as people from one of the deadliest ghettos in the country. I'll take the Jews over the rest of the other scum any day. Ive dated black women, never dated a Jew, and am a white dude in Philly. If it came to war, I would side with the Jews over the blacks in my city over basic principle without even having to think more than a second. They are tight knit, and dont invite non Jews to a lot of things, but the are respectful contributing members of society.

Have fun with you anti Jew circle jerk post OP. I'm sure you will attract exact what your looking for, the truly ignorant.

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AHHHH. See, THAT'S exactly what I wanted to get to. BIGOTRY, literally if you know the definition. That's the best part of pissing people off, you see how they handle other people's opinions and take part in some intelligent discourse.

Take it from a Trump voter who knows more Jews, Blacks, and others since I dont keep a list. My friends even have different views from time to time, might even be Litarded. I in no way would put down others to lift myself up though. That's all it is when people push race superiority and race traitor BS. And I went to school beating the fuck out of black guys from North Philly who wanted to be racist TO ME since I was a minority in school as a WHITE. They were as dumb as the white racists, and the brown, and all the others.

I had a buddy when I was a young teenager who I hung out with that bitched about Jews and drew swastikas around his room. Then I turned 16. I like to think that its mostly kids posting BS like this, because if adults are that ignorant and obtuse, there is more work to be done than I thought. The only thing worse to America than an Illegal Immigrant who takes and takes and takes without giving back yelling Viva Mexico with a Mexican flag on an American street, are the morons who divide because they cant grasp the opinion of the other person and instead call names since its all they have.

I'm sure this comment will get downvoated. But zero fucks given. The only people who will click on your title will come to this page to jerk you off and say Jews suck, or troll you for being a moron. I'm the latter of the two in case you haven't caught on.