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NOAA PROOF they manipulated data ahead of Paris Climate Meeting

Also, Google the late 16th century freeze of Europe. Scientists have been using ice core data to measure how much solar radiation has hit earth going back tens of thousands of years. They find on average, the sun cycles about every 200 years give or take a hundred. Low sun spot activity corrolates directly with SEVERE winters all over. High activity matches periods of extreme warmth.

A good book was recently written on this. The evidence is largely peer reviewed to be confirmed, unlike much Climate Change Science. Also, the biggest things all climate dedicated scientists have in common are the millions upon millions of dollars the keep receiving when they prove climate change is happening. They dont get that if they dont work on Climate Change effects and trying to measure it.

Many of the most accurate models of climate cycles were recently combine to try and measure the "Human Effect" on the Climate. The worst case scenario using data going back since people first started collection it points to a MAXIMUM of 1/4 degree rise overall.

Also, Cali just got so much snow this year, that the 16ft poles used to measure how deep the glaciers are werent long enough to rech the bottom to get accurate measurements. First time that has ever happened. Just took place the Winter of 16/17 in the Sierra Nevada range. Scientists also just reported record growth in sea ice for single season gains. Right around the same time the sun is going into hibernation mode again.

I have been told my entire life O-Zone this, Global warming that, Sea level things, climate change here, there, everywhere. Looking at all the DATA for MYSELF instead of reading mindless propaganda CNN articles paints an entirely different picture. If people actually think man is more powerfull than the sun, they are truly arrogant. Even George Carlin who was one of the most popular Libs of all time said "Mother Earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas". EARTH and the animals arent going anywhere, WE ARE eventually.

If scientists did not know this to be true, they would not have manipulated the data they had proving while CO2 recently went up, the temps stayed flat. ClimateGate I think they are calling it?

Polar bears aren't going anywhere either. Just ask the Alaskans who regularly have people EATEN by the fucking things. This is a pile of garbage with a bunch of political cunts trying to silence the half of scientists who dipute man-ade climate change NOT getting gov grants.

No one disputes the climate IS changing, but man causing it is NOT Solid science. That why Bill Nye looked like a complete fool on Tucker Carlson when asked to point to SCIENCE. His answer was basically, it is man-made! OK, what is the impact of hu,mans? Bill Nye, Well its man made, the debate is over! Fucking morons. No one reading the data released for themselves is buying this bullshit being peddled anymore. If man could change the climate that easily, CHINA would have killed us all decades ago. If Al Gore was only HALF right, we would have lost a shit ton of coast. Instead I vacation on the same island I have since I was a kid that I think is maybe 30ft at its highest point above sea level. All the old houses from the 1800's ON THE BEACH are still there too.

Stupid fucking hippies.