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There was no illegal content on /v/thefappening yet it was still censored.

Also, what does Voat's TOS have to do with misleading users?


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Can you legally distribute images obtained illegally?


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As far as American law goes, where most of the celebrities who were hacked during the fappening live, copyright of an image is immediately granted to the one who took that image. I don't know about Swiss law, but the DMCAs would come from America and it'd be a clusterfuck. While this is a very gray and debatable area, /v/thefappening is just shady enough that I can understand it's deletion.

I fucking hate that it had to be like this, but voat is too fragile right now to stand up to every threat. Especially with redditors trying to make it fail. We've got to persevere.


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Just go find your illegal kiddie porn somewhere else and stop your crying. Good grief.