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I think it is not a new thing, although the profitability became higher. I was young in the 90s and clearly remember the political correctness crowd. Predominantly white upper-middle class, sheltered, spoiled kids, who never lived with minorities, the closest they got to them was looking out their cars onto them. They were out of touch with reality, as they lived in a small sheltered world, extremely aggressive, as they used to get away with it at home. No one else can be right, because everyone else is a barbarian, and again, because they were treated at home as the smartest and the most beautiful, and patronizing, because you know, those poor people living in their small flats, and OMG have to take the BUS!

You see the same shit now, only with other minorities, but the same attitudes, the same kind of people and similar talking points. Only 20 years have passed, a new generation grew up, and I think that is the reason SJW became more prevalent nowadays, it is the new PC.

I have a tangent also, I feel SJWs can be related to upper middle class 90s houseviwes also in some sense. If you think about the "parental advisory" sticker, it is very similar to "trigger warning".

Thinking about the financiaql point, actually in the 90s you could make a carreer out of being a professional victim/accuser, although the barriers of entry to that market were different than now.

Another point I would like to make, if you compare SJWs and Tea-partiers, putting the ideological and socio economic differences aside, just focusing on their debating style, and the total lack of capability to compromise, they are very similar. Just load up some videos from SJWs debating with someone on the street and TPs in the same situation, mute the video and focus on body language and facial expressions.


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USA has become a victim contest. Only white male wounds get zero points and no matter what a white male overcomes they cannot play.