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Oddly enough, in "Last Man Standing", Tim Allen spends most of his time fighting SJW.

(not a Tim Allen fan, but I catch it sometimes and it gets a few chuckles)


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This is what i came to put. He calls out Soros!


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Damn I must have missed that one. That's cray


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I freaking love that show. He's pro-Trump, pro-Gun, and the whole show revolves around showing the only liberal character as the whiney bitch liberals tend to be. It's a laugh fest, teaches great morals and family values, and doesn't bullshit people with fake diversity comedy.

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Do you honestly think they are going to allow him to quote Hitler and gas jews. You have to play the game.


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It's the closest I know of; ive watched it since season 1. Certainly not PC, but on the other hand, he has caved on a few issues which made me a bit disappointed. The earlier seasons really pull in race as he gets a new black neigbor. His son in law is a demoncrat so that is always fun.