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Well do this, take two accounts, upvoat an article, then changes accounts, then upvoat again,

You will get a 'message' "this machine (MAC) has already voated", now click on source and see how they know your mac? It's obviously stored in their servers all MAC's for all time.

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Did it let you double voat an OP using two different accounts? Did you get the message "THIS MACHINE has already voted" YES or NO?

When I change accounts, change IP's ( move to a different coffee shop ) I still get this message, they have my machine MAC in their database. Delete purge all cookies run bleach-bit on machine. They still know my MAC, so they ain't using cookies or deep cookies. They're using the fucking MAC.

Many services and scripts allow access to MAC, when I use voat I have to completely disable my 'no script' its so full of fucking scripts.

Did you find the source code? Not the fucking CS class interface you posted earlier. I can read CS just fine, post it and then we can figure out how they're doing this.