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Give it a rest, please.



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ISPs aren't the ones who own the web sites and only a few had serious interest in making the internet like cable TV subscriptions. Mainly because they lacked the knowledge and understanding of what the internet is. Companies like Bell and Time Warner thought they could dumb down the internet and charge people to access certain websites which wouldn't have flown for most people and become a massive commercial failure. AOLizing the internet pretty much. Which is impossible considering it's now considered a utility much like electricity and running water. Could you imagine paying for internet service that only let you visit 20-30 websites? It would make simple things like banking, gaming, job searches, and connecting to others impossible. No one would have bought that shit.

Also there's a lot more to do with the fact that internet technology is advancing by massive leaps and bounds, for example as a teen we fought over 33.6k dial up on a Pentium 2 computer. Now I have 150mbs fibre that's soon to be gigabit on a dual xeon workstation. I uploaded a 642mb video file to Youtube in 40 seconds. Downloaded a 12 gig video file from another youtube producer who had gigabit in under 10 minutes. So the idea that companies could block or throttle something becomes less and less moot the faster internet connections get. Motherfuckers who only got less than 150kbs on a good day were the targets of these measures along with hoping to trick less tech savvy users into paying to get access to free websites and services.

There are also butthurt proponents of shit like internet 2 who only want gigabit access for corporations and educational institutions. If they had their way we would all be capped at 500kbs copper connections to control the flow of information. Seriously I sat in on one of their panel meetings and they brought up higher internet speeds as a threat to their donors. They really don't want people going to gigabit that's not under their control. It's pretty fucked up.


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It has nothing to do with blocking, it has to do with making sure the NSA can collect all the data and the govts collection capacity net upscales with the growth of the net.


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So even without net neutrality isps wouldnt block things?