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Probably would at the very least start by dissenting as much as possible on every single social media outlet I can. So you know, just another Tuesday I guess.


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Let's not forget:

“We’re losing a lot of people because of the Internet,” Trump said. “We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that Internet up in some way.”

“Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech,'” he added, dismissing the objection with an arm wave. “These are foolish people.”


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One source on that: http://money.cnn.com/2015/12/08/technology/donald-trump-internet/index.html

Though keep in mind my question is not specifically targeting anyone in particular even though this is a shared ideal among everyone at the top from Obama to Hillary to Trump. After-all, the "wild wild west" must be conquered.


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I definitely don't like what he's saying about closing the Internet up in some areas, but I'm also sure he doesn't really know exactly what that means. There are ways he could take out ISIS internet recruiting without direct censorship, like direct cyber attacks on ISIS servers.


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Well Obama said three days ago that "we need a way to measure 'truthiness' [on the Internet]" and that it's a "wild west" and needs to be controlled.


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He's talking about disrupting internet access to and from ISIS-controlled territories.


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Came here to say that. This statement was in direct response to how to stop ISIS from recruiting online.


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You know what I REALLY LIKE about that, and what makes me like Trump even more when reading it?

He's wanting to ask the experts about something. He's wanting to talk to them about options.

Even though he knows squat, he's willing to defer to people that know something.


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@SarMegahhikkitha, can you believe this fuckin' guy?


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You don't know shit about theology. Try theologians, shithead.

Idiot. You run from logic, idiot. You can claim you won when you got your ass handed to you, but you have no evidence of that. I crushed you flawlessly and have a ton of evidence that proves it.

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At no point did destruction of the prime mover argument occur. He is delusional.

Willful Ignorance

I told him I was done responding to him pending either the desire to do so, or some admission on his part that he was wrong - even for something small like trying to use a biologist's opinions to debunk a physicist's book. No dice.

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him asserting that his logic holds to things that do not exist in this universe, and in places where the laws of physics break down.

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right now the US election is between a professional and a buffoon variety of fascist, but at the end of the day, they're both fascists.


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Buy an AR15.


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Fuck that, buy 12.


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Look at Mister Rich Guy over here.


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You can only shoot one at a time effectively Rambo.


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didnt obama already say something similar?


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yeah thats what i was thinking about. but i guess that might become a reality with googles "fact checker" or whatever theyre calling it


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I'd go on the internet and say, "shut up, you retarded cunt."


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Getting a one star rating, that's for damn sure.


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Hahaha, absolutely.


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The Democrats are playing with fire. All trends point toward a fiscally insolvent, one party state aided by demographic takeover due to importation of foreigners through immigration invasion. Curbs on opposition speech and confiscatory gun laws will follow. They may find that the end result finds them getting their asses shot or fleeing the country in terror to avoid it.


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Stand strong and never let go of your guns not even your dead cold hand, if not you the zombi army will win.

Better a land of the dead than a Caliphat republic.


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Does everyone agree that it's finally time? I mean really do we need to let this keep going any further? Maybe it's time we start making our voices heard the only way we can now. Take a stand , if Hillary gets elected you'll have to anyway due to her bringing in "refugees". Do it now rather than when you're being forced to because your life is in danger while you still can take a stand.


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It's hit the breakingpoint


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that is basically what he just did ya imbeciles

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