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The left is anti-American inasmuch as they hate the traditional core population of the nation - white heterosexuals, and view them as political rivals to be defeated. As such they want to dilute and weaken them. They particularly want to neuter the South so I reckon the intensity of the immigrationist commitment will remain until at least Dixie resembles California demographically and politically.

It's not so much the left though as that we're being overrun by an increasingly overpopulated planet. I don't know if this can be stopped in any meaningful way if the intent is to preserve traditional America or even social cohesion and political stability.


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Without a single world government, open borders would be a nightmare. The EU managed because most of the countries are not in poverty.

The US immigration process is relatively easy: sponsor, a pike of paper work, $1500 and you have to wait about 6 months. It's not as easy or cheap as Japan but fucj me already -- it's still easy.

I'm pro-legal US current law standards.

Fuck the SJW cuck suckers! They have no clue what they are pushing for.

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Not advocating but was thinking it would probably be the only way to allow open borders.

Your observations are what I was thinking that are the main problems as to why fully open borders couldn't work.

Sorry, if my comment was confusing.


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Once it is THIER neighborhood being "diversified" THEN they get it.