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Was a drummer for 25 years. Started in the 7th grade when I was a huge trouble maker. My friends were all smoking pot and getting into trouble. This was in the 80's and heavy metal was yuuuuge!!! My friend had a kit in his garage that we beat on when we weren't fighting and skipping school to fuck skanky bitches.

Anyway, my grandmother bought an old Ludwig set at a yard sale and I started playing. Then I got in really big trouble and my parents made me go to church 3 days a week. While I didn't find Jeebus, I did meet a cool cat that talked me into going to Marching Band tryouts by telling me I could fingerbang nerdy bitches on band trips. He was right! Got into marching band, then jazz band then symphonic band, then scholarship. Played in bands for 15 years after high school. Then met my current wife. She didn't like me hanging around bars every weekend till 3am. So I stopped. Plus I had a bad experience with the last band I was in being full of drug addicts and was afraid the cops would come busting in when Rusty the meth dealer started hanging around during practice and I was a corporate professional.

I did buy an electric kit a few years ago, but now too busy to mess with it. My chops are gone and its so frustrating to sit behind a kit that I sold it.

Life happens sometimes.


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That's sad.

You should get another one. Brush up and then teach kids - they usually don't hang around dealers!


[–] Pacawac ago 

I plan to one day. We just moved for work. I'm in an apt. Within the year, I plan on buying a house with some room for a kit. We'll see!


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Feel you, bruh. I could have written that myself. Life grinds joy out of everything we love.