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FPH can get a little niggery with their bans.


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Yeah, they banned me once for one error in posting done months and months ago. I posted plenty until they found it. Then they banned me anyway. I asked to be unbanned. I haven't been. Kind of bitter about it, but it is internet faggotry just like we all are so who gives a pointless fuck anyway? Fuck Voat, fuck fph, niggers, cucks, faggots, kikes, spics, towelheads and everyone else. Take your upgoat points and shove them up your fat zitty faggot voat ass.

Hi mom.


[–] everyonesgaybutme 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

you forgot the ching chongs. those cocka-roaches can check into the roach motel, no what i mean?