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one time camping/portaging as a kid with the family, my dad's running shoe went missing. just one shoe.

now before I go into detail we were at this isolated campsites for a couple days. no other campsites within walking distance. for the course those days dad had to wear my brother's small little sandal and it pissed him off no less, so if he was playing a joke he stretched it out over a couple of days at his own discomfort of having to walk around with a child's sandal on.

on the forth day I believe my brother and i were exploring the forest and found this old barely noticeable trail. we followed it quite a ways to a clearing on the forest where there was what I could describe a large séance circle of stones. probably 30ft in diameter with other symbols made from stones on the edges.

and what do we see sitting smack right on the middle of this creepy circle of stones?

my dad's shoe.

yeah didn't sleep too well that final night.

sry my phone isn't capitalizing words.


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Friend and I were hiking, camped in the middle of nowhere, wake up in the morning and one of our water bottles are missing, walk 5km down the track and there it is, just laying there :/