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Of course you should be paranoid. Just cause you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. They were probably treating you that way upon leaving because they saw on the security cameras that you had looked though the forms. Doc was one of those nervous Nelly bitches, I heard 'white privilege', and probably freaked out the nurse.

I can say these are more likely for any terrorist activities, because when you get a disgruntled vet with mental illness who can't really make 'sound mind' plans you get McVeigh. But that's neither here nor there. What gets me is that this therapist told you that you aren't allowed to speak about YOUR therapy and the fact that they would get you to sign an NDA in the first place. Did you even? Cause that's, quite literally, fucking ludicrous.

Let's be serious, though. In the event of martial law being declared... It's gonna be tough to round up several million citizens. You're probably on a list to be watched out for in the event of, but probably not rounded up.

Anyway it goes, GTFO and don't go back. If possible, get in touch with the retired therapist you trust and ask them to recommend somebody for any future needs you might have. Otherwise, you're just gonna have to play the field. Don't accept any second rate crap like 'checking your privilege' from fifth rate wanna be freud frauds.

I hope you find somebody worth your time, man. Thanks for your service. I'm sorry you have to put up with this shit.


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Apparently I did sign something to the effect of a NDA buried within my last consent to treatment form. I went and looked through it, and it says that I agree to not divulge details regarding my treatment with any third party, and that I understand doing so will make me liable for damages (real or perceived) by this public mental health services department. It reads crazy as fuck. I don't think it would stand up in court for a second, as my state's patient's right bill says I alone retain all rights for releasing any of my medical history records. But still it was fucking crazy how the therapist even mentioned it. It made me wonder if it was just in there as a way to try and have some legal leverage for involuntary commitment.

I am waiting on trying another therapist now, as I'm trying to get an actual psychologist again. After seeing my psychiatrist (whom I trust most of all my doctors) to go over the results of some annual MRIs, I was put in contact with several psychologist they know have solid experience in developing treatment plans for PTSD. So I am hoping that this will just be a bump in the road and I'll be making progress again soon.


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Yes. That one was all wrong, and all those facts listed were blatantly obvious to everyone when it happened. I was listening to talk radio when it happened, and very shortly after the incident, then-President Bill Clinton gave a speech. The glaring point that stood out was that, even though nobody had been apprehended and no groups had claimed credit, Clinton's speech contained a phrase about cracking down on "hate speech." Before that day, "hate speech" was not a common phrase, and this current popular assumption that "hate speech" is something not protected under the first amendment didn't exist. That comment really exposed an agenda and made me instantly think the event was staged. Later when I saw the pictures of the building with only a crescent shape precicely cut away from the front part of the building it was obvious that such damage was impossible to create with a device outside the buulding. Concrete beams and rebar were precision cut perfectly plumb from each floor plumb in line with the floor above and below. That was the day "hate speech" was effectively declared unconstitutional, making opinion illegal wihout legislation, and today the majority of the population believe that it's true and just to prosecute "hate speech."


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