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[–] dabork 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 

Because protests have no legal requirement to be inconvenient.

We are given the right to peacefully assemble, it doesn't say we can't be a nuisance. In fact annoying protests tend to work the best.


[–] upsist 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

This is so wrong. You have the right to protest but you can't just protest any place you want.

For an extreme example, to prove my point, try breaking into the oval office with a group of people to start protesting. Clearly you can't do that. Want to try a military base or the pentagon next? No. You need to protest in a place that is somewhat reasonable.

I am 100% for civil rights and making sure the government does not have too much power but some very basic limits on protesting are necessary so that people are not harmed and society can continue to function. I am not a fan of "designated protest areas" but understand that purposefully shutting down public infrastructure for a political protest is not ok. In other words, intent matters. If the goal of the protest is to terrorize a city by shutting down street that is not ok. If a protest grows so large that streets must be shut down to accommodate, that is different.

Allowing 10 people to block a highway would mean that groups representing a fraction of a percent of the population can legally bring our entire country to a standstill. Further, mildly wealthy people could pay people to do this just to fuck with society.