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The short answer is it puts you on the hook for vehicular homicide. There's a couple of comments here about "self-defense," but when you run someone down with a car, you're charged in most places as if you have a weapon. But it also puts you at risk of vehicular manslaughter, and you will most certainly get charged with various forms of assault, and regardless of what the outcome of the trial is, you will more than likely your vehicle and drivers license taken away.

It's very rare for someone to win a self-defense charge while using a car because the argument from the prosecution will always be, "Why didn't you throw it in reverse?" or "Why didn't you turn the car around" or "You saw a protest ahead of you, why didn't you choose another route?"

The only time I've ever heard of someone winning a self-defense claim involving running people over, it was because a bunch of bikers attacked a family and the idiot bikers filmed it.