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Oy vey!

If someone is stopped in a highway (as the OP stated) and decides to plow through a group (or individual) protester, I can assure you that the outcome would not be as you described.


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What time does this happen? I watched five minutes and nothing.


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You can get a better understanding of what happened from this much less biased report.

The woman was trying to slowly move to get through the protesters (not ramming her suv full speed at them) when they surrounded her car and started getting violent. The link above provides a much better vantage point (from above) than the video on the DailyKos link you provided. The driver claims that when the protesters surrounded her car, one of them punched her through the window, and that's why she then sped up. To get away from the attack. Obviously the police believed her and that's why she was not charged and two of the protesters were charged with assault.

So legally, the driver was excused from liability because of the circumstances. But if you think you can just plow through people on the street for no reason, I certainly won't stop you.

Edit: I try not to downvote, but you're giving such obviously bad information that I have no choice.


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Especially with Ms. Lynch as our attorney general!