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I wonder if that applies if you come to a complete stop and then decide to keep driving or only if it was an "accident".


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The law is kinda fucked up and contradictory. If a lone person decides to walk across a highway they are jaywalking and obstructing traffic. They're breaking the law. But they "technically" have the right of way. You're expected (as a driver) to avoid hitting them, while they're in the process of breaking the law.

If you do hit them, you're in the wrong (even though they were breaking the law when it happened). If it was completely unavoidable, like if they were dressed all in black, it was night, and you were alert with your headlights on, and it was completely unavoidable on your part then you're not in the wrong. But in any other incident, a lone person crossing the highway "technically" has the right of way.

As for protest lines, remember this quote: "Someone pointed a gun at me! Or that's what it looked like anyways." You can run over whoever you want if you use this line. Or you can use it to justify slowly creeping through the protest line as long as you kinda duck down (people will be filming you). Just understand that you'll have to fill out police reports and stuff.


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My understanding is that if you come to a complete stop, you are at that point potentially culpable unless the person/persons you stopped for begin being threatening. If they're simply standing there peacefully you are expected to wait for an officer to remove them, else you could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon (if nobody dies), or vehicular manslaughter.