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Well I live in a state that ... Uh... don't much like them there kind of protesters... if you catch my drift. So it'd be probably closer to a stern talking too.


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Probably. Unless some political dickweed wanted to kowtow to said protesters in the hopes of saving face or getting re-elected.

I wouldn't do it unless I was very seriously worried about my safety, or if I had a dash cam and was confident I could claim self defense.


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Yeah, that's probably a good idea.


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I seen one protest video (years ago) where someone was simply creeping their truck slowly through a protest line and the idiots thought he would stop if they laid down in front of the truck. Now understand that they didn't run 20 feet out in front and then laid down. No they just dropped in front and there was no way for the driver to tell what they were doing or where they were. Yeah, a few people got run over.

Found it - Anti-abortion protesters.

Something like this will lead to more than a talking to.