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It all comes down to if you intentionally run them over or not. You aren't allowed to run people over even if they are blocking your way illegally unless you can prove in a court of law doing so was necessary to preserve life. Technically, even threatening to run them over is illegal and considered making threats, but who the hell is going to be pedantic enough to charge someone with that? Cops would have to really want you for just that. But no, unless you can prove you didn't intentionally hit them or you absolutely had to in order to preserve life you aren't allowed to run people over who block you illegally. If they jump in front of you and you couldn't help it that's a different story. But intentionally doing so when you were capable of not hitting them will put you at fault. That's my understanding of it legally but I'm not a lawyer or anything like that.


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I wonder if your car being surrounded and banged on counts as fearing for your life. I'd imagine you'd have to have some sort of video evidence.


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I just remembered this happening a couple years ago. A biker gang surrounded a guys car and beat on it and he ran some of them over. They didn't pursue charges against him.


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Oh yeah, if it's a he said/she said situation that would suck a lot.