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Native Spanish speaker here. Yes it is. Some of us speak faster than others.

I've been told plenty of times I speak too fast, specially in English. Problem being, Spanish is kind of information-sparse meaning we must use far more words than say, English speakers to say the same thing. We tend to bring our speech pace to other languages which is bad.

Having said that, some dialects in my own native country (Venezuela) are fast even for me.


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No se. Sí tu vocabulario es suficientemente expandido, uno no necesariamente tiene ése problema cuando está tratando de hablar concisamente.

(for reference/comparison):

I don't know. If your vocabulary is sufficiently large enough, one doesn't necessarily have this problem when attempting to speak concisely.

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[–] ANGRY_Hippopotamus ago 

My favourite example is found on ATMs

Insert card as shown -> Inserte la tarjeta como se muestra


[–] moremetalguitar ago 

Spanish spelling is simpler so the two paragraphs look the same length. But the Spanish one has 50 syllables; the English one has under 40.

So if you said both of them in the same number of seconds, the Spanish would sound faster.


[–] DickHertz ago  (edited ago)

You could also rephrase the second clause " you won't a problem speaking concisely." You could also you could drop the 'I don't know'.

Man you're a wordy fuck :)