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Either way, its time for more transparency.

Do we even have a Warrant Canary?

Without a greater connection to the user base, has all the hallmarks of a Honey Pot.

Let's get some better communication on this issue, @atko and @putitout.

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Then please provide links?

Are any of them recent?


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It's @PuttItOut

Respect the One True Putt


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If you would read past announcements, all of this has already been discussed in detail. The countdown on the side of the front page is only for start up credits, then donation money will be used, and Voat's canary is already dead. Visit /v/announcements to see this info.

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I've been here as long as you have. And with only the intention to be a contributing member of this community. Perhaps we could both have done our homework better; I wanted to start an up to date discussion on how things are going.