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Free speech rules here fgt.


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Until they start banning for "spam" and "undesired behavior".

Stop dreaming, there's nowhere free speech nowadays, not even imageboards.

This place might be better than reddit in terms of freedom so far but it's not exemplar.

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↑found the fgt.

Seriously, though, you couldn't be more wrong. You will be downvoated to oblivion for trolling, unless you're actually funny (contrary to popular belief, we do have a sense of humour).

You can go against popular opinion (all you want) and even be respected for it, just so long as your comments are based on sound logic and you aren't a dick about it. At worst you'll be ignored or get some hate; if you can't handle that, you need to cancel your ISP subscription.

Free speech is free speech. What we mean by it is that anyone can say whatever they want, even if some pussies find it hateful, and their opinions won't be suppressed.

Also, downvoats do not suppress free speech. Free speech means you're entitled to your opinion; it doesn't mean we all have to like it.


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We're all assholes, but freedom of speech allows us to be our true selves - assholes without any farce.


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Couple of things you'll want to know before you venture out into the wild. First and foremost: The Jews did everything. You wanna know why the dinosaurs went extinct, Timmy? Because The Jews wiped them the fuck out. Don't believe that mainstream science propaganda about meteors - anyone with half a brain and access to Google can tell you that it was a directed impact of a celestial object. That's right, Timmy - not only are the Jews in control of all media all over the world, but they're actually an ancient race of space-faring conquerors that arrived here to pre-colonize earth to set all the Goyim to harvest the gold that sustains their life force. Wake the fuck up, Timmy!

Secondly, and this one's kind of a big one around here - Donald J. Trump, Businessman, Educator, and soon-to-be-President-Elect, is the way, the light, and the life. Donald J. Trump has a lot of great ideas, and they all make sense to him (because trust me, he's asked himself about his ideas, and he thinks VERY favorably of them), and if Congress thinks they can stop him from enacting any laws, well, they're in for a rude awakening because President Donald J. Trump isn't going to play by their rules - he's simply going to run the White House like a board room, and there isn't a legal precedent in place that can stop him - if you don't understand this, then you're probably just some Hillary shill paid to spread doubt about Messiah Trump.

Lastly - and this one's a bit more of a contentious subject, but you really have to know your audience - some opinions are better kept to yourself. For example, if you're standing around completely bewildered that people are spending so much time, emotion, and effort over where someone else plops their ass down to evacuate biological waste materials, you might want to just keep that thought to yourself - where someone can and can't poop is very, very serious business around here - if you don't treat this matter as simply the most important crisis facing our nation today, you're just some feminist beta cuck fat fuck SJW triggered safe-space loving shill.

Edit: I've been helpfully informed by @heroicdanger that All The Muslims, in conjunction with Feminists (and although he didn't say it, obviously The Jews [refer to point 1 for reference]) are looking to completely collapse the entirety of European society (and I'll personally go as far as to extend this to all of Western Society). Of course, thinking that "all Muslims are potential terrorists," is a completely different, wholly logical statement not at all similar to the "all men are potential rapists," line touted by said feminists, and if you disagree you're just some ignorant Goyim and need to wake the fuck up already!

@TheKobold was also kind enough to remind me to add that all crime and all welfare misuse is committed 100% by Americans of African descent. That time you thought there was some mangy, scraggletoothed, white trash trailer park family of 18 and counting welfare life recipient blowing all her money on the scratchers picking them out one at a time in some sort of ritualistic ceremony wasting my time behind her and her offensive odor in line while I just want to drop a $10 in my gas tank (at the gas station owned by some Muslim that, in accordance to previous points, wants to also destroy American society with his locally owned business) and get to work, that was actually a black person, but said Muslim behind the counter is employing ancient mind scrambling techniques imparted on him by the Jew overlords to scramble your brainwaves into perceiving what they want you to perceive.

edit: This is meant to be a lighthearted jab at some of the more popular "extremisms" that we see here on Voat. I love every single one of you magnificent bastards, and I don't want any of you to change.


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You forgot the imminent collapse of the whole of European civilisation because of those dastardly Muslims and left wing thought in general


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Give me a break, man, I'm only one Goyim!


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Voat calls bullshit on agendas better than most other places in the web because the responses aren't censored to suit.


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Don't get the impression that Voat is some right-wing safe space. It's just that those opinions were censored from Reddit so Reddit readers only heard one voice that reflected the views and opinions of the Reddit central hive. Don't be surprised if people jump on your comments. That's life, and you should welcome it as a challenge to your belief system which may not be as perfect as you think.


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Disable your adblocker .

Join small communities or start your own .

Disregard downgoats and speak your mind , we are here to freely express our opinions not to be liked .

Block all shit you consider retarded or waste of time .


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Just like Lieutenant Dan said to Forest Gump "Take care of your feet and don't get killed."


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Unsubscribe from most of the defaults, try to encourage growth in smaller subs.

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