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Well supposedly he deleted all his comments after x time to prevent brigade down voteing, so he stays above 100ccp. Sure he's a crazy pedo but really it's about defending his right to say whatever, a right to free speech. Really as long has he isn't going on and acting on it is he really doing anything wrong.

Sure he's a dick with the spamming and they should at least get him locally banned if he continues I could see the justification for banning him not because of who he is or what he says but because of him breaking the rules.


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it's about defending his right to say whatever, a right to free speech.

And I would never try to take that away. But don't I get the same right?

Sure he's a dick

It's OK for him to be a dick, but not for others to be a dick to him? Or am I misunderstanding?


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Oh you can be a dick to him all you want I was just defending his right to exist and explaining the probable reason why he deleted his posts.

The misunderstanding is probably on my part end, didn't sleep last night, goodnight.


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. you asked what id call a user like arotaes. i said a sheeple. hows that minimizing his contributions?

You edited, then deleted the comment. But do you really think that's going to make people believe you?

You ranted about him not adding anything of value. Don't be a bitch, stand by what you say.

your response wasnt relevan

The response was a directly about the content of your comment. Spin that any way you like, but you're convincing nobody.

like i said before, offended.

Really? So why were you the only one downvoating? Why were you the one deleting comments? Why are you the one still going back today for more?

Seems like you're the offended one.

You don't bother or affect me. You seem to think you matter, you don't.

What does bother me are the people who defend you and downvoat if someone is not nice enough.

This post is not directed at you. It's about you, so feel free to say your piece. But I am not engaging you any further. You're not worth the time, and as much as you want it to be true, I just don't care enough about you to get offended.


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dude, he feeds off the attention.

He's a large toddler, that's why he is attracted to kids. Just ignore him or whatever.

Unless you like fucking with him. I personally enjoy making him feel unsafe in his home.


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This post is not about him.. Well OK it is, but I mean what I want to know is what others think, and if he really is protected here. I don't actually care about him. It's the community support I am curious about.

I do generally ignore him. I think that is the best way to deal with him. But if I do find myself in a position where I am responding to something, I don't feel I need to be nice to him.


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hes got alts brah. and theres like one or two dudes who are also pedos. I wouldnt be worried about 3 downvoats. Thats not really indicative of a trend.