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Sometimes when I'm hiking I think about salamanders, salamanders with tits, and how awesome that would be. Then I remember that they walk close to the ground, causing their nipples to rub constantly...making them bleed profusely.


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Well, you win the prize. This has to be the only thing out of all these replies that has never popped in my head. But now it will.


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Whenever hiking to a campground at a national park there will usually be a three-sided wooden shelter to house people from the elements, and inside that shelter there is usually a journal people will write in and sometimes when you read the entries from different people you might find that one gem of imagination. The story I told in my previous comment was one of these journal entry gems and also included a very crudely drawn comic strip of this salamander with bloody nipples, it was by and by the funniest trail entry I have ever read, but the credit goes to the trail alias of Tree Hugger. If you are out there Tree Hugger then I would like to thank you for amazing, inspiring and insightful story about salamander tits.