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Yup. This is what they're talking about when they say that women could technically reproduce on their own because some of their cells can be harvested and altered to act like sperm. However like Varialus said it would be highly dangerous and in unethical. I feel a century or so from now when we understand what each part in the human genome is/does it will be much safer. Keep in mind there are certain species that have adapted to reproduce solely like this.


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In theory yes, but there would be a much higher probability of a serious genetic disorders because all dangerous recessive genes would be expressed. Besides it being very difficult, if not impossible at present, it would be considered unethical, so nobody with a conscious would even attempt to do it.


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To expand on the genetic problems, the thing is you have two copies of each gene, one on each chromosome, so if one mutates and go crazy you might still be fine. This type of mutation (recessive mutations) are allowed to spread through the population and become relatively frequent (like 10%) because natural selection only see them if two persons that carry the same mutation mate, which is quite improbable.

Now if you mate with yourself it's very probable you'll have double mutations like that. If you were carrying only one the probability would be 1/4.