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Subspecies, or I guess breed for dogs and cats and other domesticated animals

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They're called "breeds" animals and morphs(in snakes) and whatever in plants but think spearmint and peppermint or different types of apples or oranges etc...

And Homo is the larger classification, homosapiens are an offshoot of that.

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So Homo is the genus? And in this order -

Genus: Homo

Species: sapien, cro-magnon, neaderthal, denisovan

Sub-species: the various races of each species?

But if that is the case, then different species were able to interbreed successfully. Is that common in the animal kingdom?

is this a failure in the classification system, or of my understanding of the ability of species to interbreed?

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I think biologists & psychologist use the term ethnic population in place or race. It sidesteps the outrage machine and is a more precise defined term. The issue with the term race is that it is poorly defined.

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I honestly think the classification system is fucked up and probably so not to offend people. why else would we aknowledge breeds of dogs and not of people? Now they say race doesn't exist or we're the human race or whatever. Science is science if it offends people who fucking cares.