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Because the government is very bad at stopping what it is already doing. No paperwork is required for them to keep it, paperwork is required to revoke it. Path of least resistance is they keep it.

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I was surprised to find out, years after military separation, that my clearance was still active. Figures

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The official reason they give is so they can more easily converse with current officials who have replaced them. If they don't have a security clearance then they have to go through a whole new vetting process. That could take time and time might be an issue.

I find that to be bullshit reasoning.

You serve, do your job and when you leave, you leave everything behind.

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When I left my last job, they took my electronic key to the door and changed all computer passwords.

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shouldnt be fucking talking to them at all unless as some kind of transitional adviser in which case it should be limited.

i get the feeling there is far more to it than that.

kind of along the lines that trudeaus mate has the ability to go suit up in riot gear and take charge of a batallion of cops.

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I disagree, keeping outgoing officials involved in an advisory role is only a bad idea when the outgoing official is a traitor.

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As in the case of John Brennan and James Comey.

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Okay, you can disagree if you like.

What if every outgoing official for the past 8 years is a traitor?

When you have people who left before the Obama years telling you that there is no reason to keep the clearance then you know something is up.

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i absolutely agree with you there why the fuck do US politicians have special clearances for years after theyre out of a job.

first thing that happens to any government person in any job here that leaves that job is their clearance is instantly cancelled and if theyve got another job to go to they have to re-apply under the new circumstance.

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Secrecy is accomplished by heavy compartmentalization. Even the CIA Director does not automatically get access to every project. For high level operations, people are 'written in' and allowed access to working groups. As you add more people, the risk of compromise is actually an exponential curve.

To limit exposure of means, methods, objectives, and operatives, the absolute need-to-know is required. As old projects are no longer active, only oversight groups will have 'need-to-know' and they will rely on the former members of those operational groups for consultation and guidance.

There is another reason - which even the White House won't discuss - you keep your old spies around the farm or they might go work for someone else.

In this case, John Brennan was never working on behalf of our Constitutional Republic.