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That's a really good question.


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This question crossed my mind as well.


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Other Questions for Law Enforcement...Hey... Show us the many pictures should have been taken of crime scene...

Autopsy pictures needed... Hey we have a major crime to investigate here.

Anyone get any video from survelience cameras during Seth's relatively long walk home?


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Not stupid to me..


First I heard Seth Rich was shot dead while speaking with his girlfriend on the phone walking on a DC street near where he lived.

The first report is it was because someone wanted to rob him. Then I heard his wallet and wristwatch phone and necklace were not taken.

Next I heard that DC police hovered around the body for quite some time an hour to an hour and a half and Seth was still alive but they did not call EMTs.

Wow I thought...: Really weird and inexperienced thug robbers... Or really really really bad CIA hit job.

Then I heard Seth's body was bruised in four places;* they said he got beat up.

Wow I was thinking... the bullets could have done the job..

Then I hear his parents said no wikileak connection to their son's death.

Then I heard he spoke to a frat brother and his father on the phone during his walk home that night because he was having major conflict with his girlfriend and was very upset...(that's why he drank that night).

Then I read posts from the MD who treated Seth at the hospital.

Then I see a video of his parents and brother and they look and acted just like crisis actors.

Then I hear the DC police did not interview anyone who was at the bar( bars ) Seth was supposed to be at that evening.

Then I heard Seth was very intoxicated that night...

Then I heard Seth was not intoxicated that night...

Then I hear Julian Assange offering a $20,000 reward for info.leading to arrest of Seth's murderers. (My favorite part).

Then it seems to me I see a major MSN move to not look vbehind the curtain.

But hey... This could be a double double double double psyop.

No matter what if Seth did give the info. to WikiLeaks he is and will always remain with me to be one of the greatest hero's in the history of the United States Of America... If not THE. greatest.

Thank You for posting your Sub! Loved it.


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Not stupid, it would explain a lot.


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If so you would think they could come up with a better cover story with fewer holes in it.


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Not really. The machine relies on repetition and saturation. It captures the minds of the majority of people and the few who are paying attention are painted as conspiracy theorists who are "infatuated with their theories."