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It is ambiguous in nature, meaning what the user and hearer wants it to mean on context. Which makes it one of those things that makes English hard, like the word fuck being used for anything.


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Can you give a paraphrase of the conversation. How is their body language and facial expression when they say it? Without context I would assume it is an expression of annoyance at what you are saying.


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Per my username I am married and we only talk, just friends I was super clear about this from day 1. He does like me but is respectful of the boundary so has been a perfect gentleman.

We live very far away from each other and were talking about visiting. I was talking about how beautiful it is where I live and would show him around if he visited. I love doing this for everyone who visits.

He said "I would love to visit, you kill me though."

Another time I was talking with someone at work about a technical issue we were troubleshooting (I work in IT) mid conversation he stopped smiled and said "you kill me".

Is this a new phrase or something. I used to think this only ment you are funny or you crack me up but that doesn't seem to fit the context lately. Maybe it is a California phrase or something because both guys who keep saying this to me are from there.


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I wish you weren't married because I find you desirable. That's how I'd translate that. Take this with a grain of salt given that I wasn't there and all.