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Equality is something that should be understood to be completely political in nature. We are politically equal under the law.

Outside of the law, there is no equality. It's true that nobody is the same, but the sexes are biologically differentiated by definition - that is - there are vastly different traits and roles, organs, and mentality that separate men and women. That's why I would say sexual equality is an oxymoron.


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Everyone has the equal right to get kicked in the genitals when they act like an asshole


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Honestly, it's a preposterous, and entirely nebulous idea. How is "equality" defined? Through hiring quotas and laws that impinge on individuals? Men and women getting an exact, perfect 50/50 split in everything like the dialogue between Disney and Warner Bros. characters in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The cold, honest truth is that men are mostly better at some things than women, women are mostly better at some things than men, and individuals should use their talents and skills according to their desires and means.

As well, neither of the two sexes should be given any extra quarter in a court of law. That means women lose the legal policies that allow them to use men as paychecks for the rest of their lives, kill their babies with impunity, and steal their children away from them.