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Bailed out Puerto Rico at tax payers expense.
Be a war in middle east. (Likely Syria for Israel.)
More refugees in USA.
More "motive unknown" attacks in USA which will result in an assault weapon ban. Attempting to get to a police state status.
Pedophilia would go unchecked.
Taxes would be higher for all.
Stock market would be lower.
Health care costs would be taken over by government.
Government debt would be exploding at even faster rate than now.
Government corruption would be common place. Mass media would be in full liberal uncontested control.
Censorship would be everywhere. Differing opinions would be punished by any means.

Those are just a few thoughts.

Edit: Basically.. see UK status


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I think a Bernie Sanders presidency would be a lot more interesting (though would probably result in more government gridlock with a Republican-controlled congress). Hillary isn't really that liberal.


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Most patriots would have been dead in shootouts with cops that were sent to take their guns