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I think it could benefit from some design clarity and minimalism for better, clearer browsing. For example:

  1. Using more unified, contrasting colors: The current and many grey-blue, pastel-blue and teal do not fit so well together, and do not help to enhance text and images displayed on the page. If you have doubt, use a premade color palette on Pantone. There are also many tools for new designers online to help people match colors most efficiently.

  2. Bring up the navigation menu on the right: The user shouldn't have to scroll down to be able to subscribe. It is counter-productive and forces visitors to work and search for features which should be inherent and prominent.

  3. Drop the paintbrush cursor: It's a bit tacky and not as intuitively precise as a normal mouse cursor which we are all used to.

  4. Fix the header width: There's a problem with the CSS edits you made and the width of the header is fixed, appearing on my screen monitor as too long and creating an horizontal scrolling bar.

Your board should fix ALL resolutions. The CSS should never be static and it should also remain responsive for mobiles. Therefor, your question about resolution is, from what I can see, mistaken.

Otherwise keep it up and wishing you a great continuation and success!