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The most likely trigger, Meyer thinks, is that there was some kind of climate stress that made the crops fail, leaving people starving and desperate enough to steal food – even if it meant murder.

I don't know. I mean, my initial guess was that this was a raid from one of the remaining hunter-gatherer groups on a agricultural group, but when you conduct a raid like that, I would expect that those being killed should chiefly be the men who would have defended the settlement from potential pillagers. Why go out of your way to kill every last woman and child?

Alternatively, the victims may have been targeted because the rival group blamed them for the loss of food, maybe through witchcraft. Again, why kill so many people?

It would make more sense for me if this was some kind of act for revenge for some previous misdeed of the attacked group.

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Re-Read: No teenagers, and the only two women found were both over 40. Sounds to me like some group was tired of working their own fields, and was also looking for some breeding stock. Kill the men and children, and you cut ties with the old village.

The witchcraft thing is whole cloth pulled straight from their asses.

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Did they do DNA tests on the marauders yet?

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From which sample?

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Break the legs and blow to the forehead. Can't beat German efficiency.