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Roman villa discovered in Britain is found on Sir Ranulph Fienne estate | Daily Mail Online

"A metal detectorist has discovered the largest Roman villas in Britain- and it's almost as big as Buckingham Palace."

'Sir Fiennes, who helped take part in the original dig, wants to do a full excavation of the whole site. '

'The historic foundations, which date back to 99AD, were found on land belonging to the family of British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes on their estate near Banbury, Oxfordshire. '

'After just 20 minutes Mr Wescott discovered the villa by finding a 1,800-year-old tile that would have used for central heating used by the Romans. '

'A four month project dug up a wealth of incredible artifacts including coffins, Roman coins, bone china and an enormous boar tusk,in a dig led by historian Keith Wescott. '

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