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Humans are just one branch of the bipedal apes.

You can tell by the shape of the foot though that the ape wasn't a full time up right walker.

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Scientists will sooner admit to time travelling people from the future than acknowledge this evidence.

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Human civilization gets basically wiped out by (naturally occuring) climatic change every few thousand years. 1 2

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Yeah, Younger Dyras, which was the real Global Warming wiped out all the coastal civilizations. At least that's a reasonable assumption.

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The Younger Dryas especially yes, I heard that sea levels changed meters in just a few days ... (have to check). That period is full of very rapid changes in temperature, sea level changes, etc.

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It's probably from a bear.

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And the accuracy and reliability of whatever dating method they used.

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It's rock. There's no carbon dating.

However, the Trachilos footprints are securely dated using a combination of foraminifera (marine microfossils) from over- and underlying beds, plus the fact that they lie just below a very distinctive sedimentary rock formed when the Mediterranean sea briefly dried out, 5.6 millon years ago.

There was also the footprint on the trilobite, and the one overlapping a dino's. I think the assumptions on both the dates of the layers and the formation of fossils is wrong, but in the end the only material way this should affect us is in our understanding of the chemical processes of concretion, and how we can harness it to build things