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It could have shifted anywhere from 30-100 miles in that 2.1 million year time frame. Not to mention a vastly different climate at the time. And then you have to account for what was there for millions of years as it moved BEFORE that. Africa was a vastly different place back then. Not to mention I wasn't talking about compared to the tools found in the article. I was talking about how people think Africa has always been where it is and full of KANGS. Humans supposedly starting springing up about 20 million years ago, that's where we split from Hominoidea. That would mean IF Africa is the cradle of civilization, that would be enough drift to move roughly 315 on the low side (what we see today) to 500ish on the high side. They assume it moved in a north eastern direction. So that could put Namibia further south than the south tip of South Africa (as the crow flies), that's a major climate change.

If I travel 500 miles from near Houston and go north, that puts me past Oklahoma City. Which means almost 15 deg difference in the winter months (snow), and about 3 months are similar during summer, the rest are roughly 5-10 deg hotter in Houston. That a huge difference to a new species trying to propagate.