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Get experience and/or a trade. If a degree is necessary for the path you wish to follow, get it at a tech school if possible. Work while you're in school. Buy used, rent, or pirate books if you can (Fuck the teachers that sell their own book that has some kind of required code or login. That shit should be illegal). Use RateYourProffesor or something similar religiously. Don't be afraid to audit a class. I hear they frown on that but, fuck them. Decline as much of the financial aid racket as you can.

It will bite you in the ass of you cash that financial aid check every semester. Speaking of, isn't it illegal for literally anyone else to mail a check to someone that, only after depositing/cashing it, locks you into an agreement?

Also, don't take astronomy just because you have a mild interest in space and looking at the stars. I felt like I was taking an extra fucking math class. It might be interesting and fun for the future astronomer. It is not for the average dumbass that just wants to point some cheap black Friday sale Macy's $20 endcap telescope at Mars.