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Empty cans, smoked cigs, glass pipe, pissed self.

Yep, that's an antifag in its natural environment

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Why though? His teachers and his parents are the reason for the way he is.

[–] Durm 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

He probably got that way IN school.

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fixed title

Faggot gets two blocks away from riots and realizes it's a pussy ass bitch, spends next 4 days cowering in fear in a public restroom.

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I read that antifa people get paid like $1,500 per week (from George Soros) to riot in shit.

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His foot looks like a dog was chewing on it, for days.

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You could quit school and go to work too. Antifa are lazy, degenerate losers who don't want to work or go to school.

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Antifa... when self destructive behavior isn't enough.

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