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  • The P2P is **ONLY **to share updates via your OWN NETWORK.
  • Telemetry - this is nothing new, Microsoft has collected logs and crash data from their OSes and Software for years. Even Apple does it with OSX. But if you are that paranoid download NTLite and remove Asimov.
  • Real-Time Protection is there for a reason, to protect people. You can turn it off for varying intervals but yes it turns back on automatically to keep you protected. If you install a 3rd Party Antivirus like Trend Micro, Avast, etc. Windows 10 automatically disables Windows Defender.
  • Cortana is a Web-Based service. The volume of data needed to make it work properly would not fit on most computers. But if you are that paranoid you can turn Cortana and Web Search off. On the taskbar click on the Magnifier icon, then click the Sandwich Icon top left, then click settings and turn Cortana and Web Search off. Then right click an empty space on the taskbar, click search and then hidden.
  • Content-Suggestions - Yes the ads are there, but you can go to Settings>Privacy>Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info - This will open a webpage in your default browser. Once signed in you can turn off Browser-Ads (from Microsoft), and OS ads (from Microsoft)
  • WiFi Sense - This is really easy to turn off, go to Settings>Network & Internet>Manage Wi-Fi Settings and turn off "Connect to networks shared by my contacts
  • Automatic Updates (Forced Updates) - these can easily be turned off as well - go to Settings>Network & Internet> Advanced Options and turn on "Set as metered connection". This will have to be done for every network you connect to so don't forget.

Lastly, OP you did all that work providing links to feed the conspiracy but did no work to actually show that it isn't as bad as you claim or that everything you are complaining about can be fixed easily.


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The P2P is clearly not only for your local network or there wouldn't be two options one of which says "PCs on my local network" and the other saying "PCs on my local network and PCs on the internet". Guess which one is default? The one that makes Microsoft an asshat


[–] venuspcs 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I stand corrected, but you can turn that off by going to Settings>Updates & Security>Advanced Options then "Choose how updates are delivered"


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You are clearly on low end of end users;

1.) There is a complete turn-off option for P2P

2.) Its on by default because this was one of the most hyped OS rollouts since 7: everybody wanted to try it out, and they gave it out for FREE. Their servers would have been slaughtered.

3.) Every single one of these concerns can be addressed directly at install - except for updates and telemetry, which were documented within hours. And basic telemetry only sends health and performance info: I.e. how well Win10 runs on whatever shitbox PC you put it on.

This is the biggest conspiracy shitpost I've seen yet, and I'm ashamed it got this many upvoats.


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Shut up and take my upvoat.


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LOL! Upvoat accepted!


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The WiFi sharing sounds like something I would use. It would be nice if it automatically signs in my friends when they come over.

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[–] steveo ago 

If someone I gave my wifi password to decided to share it with his 400 FB friends, what's to keep me from letting them in

What stops them from doing that already? If you are seriously concerned about wireless security, set up a RADIUS server already and forget about wifi sense.


[–] venuspcs ago 

It doesn't work that way.....It only shares YOUR PASSWORD to YOUR FRIENDS.....they can ONLY SHARE THEIR PASSWORD with their friends.....they cant share your passwords with their friends.