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Posts on 4chan are ephemeral, they will disappear once they become inactive enough.

You must use an archive or rehost for any content on 4chan, or the links will break when that happens. In a few hours, nobody will know what the hell this thread is about.

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From the comments:

It's in our toilet paper, we're fucked.

"Two recent studies published in Environmental Science & Technology have shown that BPA and cousin chemical BPS used in “BPA free products” but also highly estrogenic in nature, are much more pervasive in our common, everyday products than we could have imagined

The two new studies mentioned above involved examination of hundreds of samples of paper from everyday items such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, newspapers, magazines, tickets, and even business cards.

The question is, how long has this been happening? There are geographical places which might exhibit hormonal manipulation which do not have a long history of toilet tissue use, and there are places with long traditions of toilet tissue use which do not show this hormonal manipulation.