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Barr resigned from his firm after this episode.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has an entry about this whole affair.

Salon published a lengthy article describing what happened too.

Interesting thing about this Mr. Aaron Barr of HBGary Federal. WikiLeaks had published leaked HBGary emails November 29 last year.

So I started digging around these emails last night and found this email of a big argument between him and a woman (sounds like his wife). Quote from her:

I understand your difficulty, but as the mother if these two children I will not tolerate your bashing of me anymore. Contact a therapist who deals with child molestation. Or contact a lawyer.

The whole email is pretty crazy and is what moved me to do a search of this guy and that's how I found this Wired article.

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Here you go: archive.


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You weren't able to read it? Hang on, I'll try to archive it.


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You don't penetrate Anonymous, Anonymous penetrates you.