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Asians killed a lot of their racial diversity and now they want it back. You can read their old literature and there was much more phenotypic diversity in older times.

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That would explain all the anime characters lol

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There are several recorded genocides of indo european peoples taking place in mongolia and gansu province, well within chinese borders, from earliest history to just hundreds of years ago. Though with the muzzies i don't blame them.

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There aren't enough whites to give them back their genetic diversity and we don't breed fast enough. All that would happen is whites would blip out of existence and their tiny fraction of the gene pool would be a tiny ripple of variance in the ocean of Asian uniformity.

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The could intermarry with plentiful south east Asians and get all the round eyes and long legs they want.

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Asians spend TONS more TIME studing the OBVIOUS than "classicly LIBERAL" trained WHITE people. It's quite a MESS now. LOTS of suckers. DANGEROUS suckers. Looks like a tough storm. Remember, once whites KNOW...they WIN.

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Please don't capitalize every other word. You sound like a retard if you do. Besides, keywords can be emphasized with **two asterisks**.

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REALLY? Sheesh.

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I think it's the Asian women that want white men and it's more likely because Sino Asians don't have appocine glands. No armpit or groin sweat. The pheromones are calling.

Chinese guys should set up a white sweatshop. Literally ; and sell the stuff to each other.

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The number one reason I am against white genocide is because whites are the most beautiful race.

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Mixed White/Asians are all kinds of fucked up. I stumbled onto one of their self helpy subreddits a while back and got a glimpse into the extraordinary identity crisis they face. Young men knowing they'll never be as masculine as their father or young women knowing they'll never look as beautiful as their mother did in her youth. And apparently the White man+Asian woman trend drives them fucking mental, way worse than even we react over miscegenation of Whites and associated propaganda.

Don't do it to your children. They deserve a history, an identity, a people. Don't create an unstable reminder of the ungodly coming together of different tribes of people.

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Depends where they grew up I guess. Central Asia is "mixed" ( Original Caucasoid population got Khan'd ) but still homogenic so the people there don't have an unattainable standard to compare.

This is the pic you're talking about? Right side are WMAF crazies https://orig00.deviantart.net/5496/f/2018/042/7/1/1495361988893_by_bearchipsandships123-dc2wr7r.jpg

Asian dad + white mom are more stable. The male offspring is taller and more handsome than their father. For females, they're cuter and age more gracefully than their mum (Not universally true tho, you have the AMWF Versace killer. )

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Hapa offspring are often unstable and miserable. They have so much anxiety, angst, emotional volatility and insecurity.

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Elliott Rodger here.

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I guess they haven't taken a gander at Soros or Bill CLinton lately to get that thought out of their head.

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That is the Jew blood in them

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Am white and live in China. The women watch too many American movies.