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Once the person who wronged them has been brutally killed, that is the time to move on with their life.

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So until the person in the wrong is dealt with, the afflicted needs to live in a sense of despair? Sounds shitty

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No, I didn't say they need to live in despair, just that they NEED to move on once the perpetrator of the wrong has been eliminated, because no lamenting over the past can be positive at that point.

Prior to the brutal death, lamentation can lead to inspiration for retribution, which as I said, can be very cathartic.

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By the way, site bug identifies op

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Don't reply too much as anon or you make it easier to identify everyone posting in this thread

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I like this answer

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Well, you asked for the set in stone limit, that would be it.

It is also cathartic for the victim.

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Once they run out of fucks.

You only have five fucks to give. If your fucks are spent just trying to maintain sanity with low serotonin levels or shortened telomeres from an absent father, then you can save your last fuck for all the world and everything in it, and be a man my son.

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Depends on how they were wronged. Once you are an adult, you need to get right with yourself

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So just suck it up then? I dont disagree, but what could the harmed individual do besides that?

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It depends on what harm was done. Get away from the people who harmed you and live a great life. That is the best revenge. If they stole money or something, get it back. If it was more emotional, get away from the toxic people, stop looking for their input/approval. Fuck the toxic people. Leave them behind and Be awesome

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Bide their time and when they have the chance, hit the offending parties with a brick.

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I was wronged by my mother for most of my late childhood. That shit sets you back for a long time. Its really hard to pull out of the ingrained negative habits and for those scars to heal. I don't think there is a set time, I wouldn't of gotten out of it if it hadn't been for friends and family and counseling and a whole lot of weird circumstances that finally showed me I could step away from it and be my own person with out my past dragging me down. She was last part of my life before I was 20, it wasn't until more than 15 years later did I finally heal from the deep wounds she dealt me.

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  1. At that point they're a young adult and capable of making intelligent decisions for themselves such as saying fuck the world and trying to make it on their own whether that be school, work, military, etc. After that age they need to be able to work past the bullshit in their life or simply remove themselves from it so they can move on anyway and at that point they should get over it entirely.

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Simple people want simple things. Reality isn't simple.

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When they are standing above a crowd of people who need to be flipped off.