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Turned? He has been one the whole time. He complains of down vote brigades, but he has been doing that for years to anybody who responds to his stupid submissions in a way he doesn't understand. He's hostile and uncomprehending, and so very easy to rile up.

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He seems pretty calm about it. I'm sure he gets off on the down votes he gets on his posts.

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He can't resist defending Israel.

I think he'll eventually succumb to this fatal weakness.

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Figures some shit talk like this would be an anon thread that I wasn't even notified about. If Voat reaches peak tard I can always go elsewhere. It's nothing more than an inconvenience that I can easily adjust to.

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Didn't see the point of making you cry about getting more downvoats. I was trying to be considerate of the fact that you are a sensitive faggot. I'm not sending a brigade after you, just basking in smug satisfaction as your jimmies rustle in the wind.

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Stop with that faggot empty threat of "I am going to leave" Just do it you Kike cock sucker.

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Tough talk on an anon thread. Lulz.

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NameTheJew incellivision uses upvote bots for his porn spam. https://www.voat.co/v/AnonTalk/2681982

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@NoBS is a hoodrat nigga apologist

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Him! Ok