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it ends with her talking about how cannabalism would solve world hunger and over population.

Lol, but it sounds like she belongs here on voat. Is she dead serious or joking around?

hear her chirp from across the house, "Dont forget to flush the toilet, put the toilet seat back down, and wash your hands!"

Weird. Do you two have kids?
I presume you spoken to her about how you feel about her treating you like a child? How did she respond?

Are you the guy who posted about your wife laughing hysterically about things or something? And having a stange offbeat sense of humor? If the changes are kind of sudden and pose a stark contrast with her personality/behavior in the past, it could be a psych/neuro disorder.

Lectures seem like typical woman stuff, unless she's patronizing you too much. Just ignore or do some alpha male thing. Maybe she wants to be put in her place and be reassured that you're alpha enough. Are you sure you're fucking her hard enough?

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Are you the guy who posted about your wife laughing hysterically ...

I remember that thread and wondered the same

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She knows about Voat as she has witnessed me browse this site several times. I don't know if she uses it or not, but a good possibility since she investigates any activity I do.

Yes I was that person who posted a similar story to this one in v/confessions . I haven't posted anything else about that until now. Some people were wondering if she needs to get examined medically so we did end up doing that. All tests and exams turned up negative for anything; this is apparently just how she is and she is healthy and normal. I guess. I dont believe that though. She is batshit crazy. I know! I have to live with her everyday!

Yeah there are some kids but I have an unfinished basement downstairs with a bathroom that only I see to use so she knows when its me.

I think maybe you are on to something. Maybe I need to fuck her really good and really hard tonight while growling at her. I'll go full alpha male on her.

I'll try anything at this point just to get her to chill out and relax.

Dont get me started on the shit she says to the kids. Nothing inappropriate or insulting, just really strange stuff. I've watched her do it and everytime I sorta zone out in distant thought wishing my life was different.

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get out

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What do you mean, get out, faggot? Not everyone wants to be a childless divorced failure like you. What kind of attitude is that? Just give up on your marriage? Even better that you're saying that with only sparse info from the post. Fucking degeneracy shill.

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You need a bigger screen for all that projection kiddo?

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hah! says the cuck that gets bossed around by a mentally ill bitch