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Good man.


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i'm right here you stupid niggerfaggot.

this entire post is muddying the waters.

most all commenters are shills, and the post was upvoat brigaded @Puttitout is also a criminal shill. if you actually wanted freedom of speech, you would tear down these SJW devs and replace them from within the trusted remaining community - - oh wait we're nearly all gone because we all know better than to participate in this trap.

but continue on, SRS shills. circlejerk your merry hearts out. the world moves forward without you.


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Was the @mgtow character you as well? I think I remember it from right before the Amalek character, with similar style but vehemently pro-men instead of anti-sem. Were there any other alts before @mgtow that I should look back through. Great work today m8. I'm still pickin the kernles of corn from my teeth.