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[–] 7093521? [S] 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

Doesn't it go against "have your say" when SBBH can freely and systematically harass someone for saying something they disagree with? Kind of a chilling effect on our free speech.


[–] 7096825? 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

They will dump free speech once the useful idiots on this site sell enough merchandise to attract advertisers. Advertisers don't like free speech they like walled gardens which places like Reddit now provide.


[–] 7093547? 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago 

Like I said, names would help. I am a mod of SBBH and I know a lot of folks that really do just fuck around there.


[–] 7094089? [S] 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

Never thought I'd see the day when you use the "just shitposting for the lulz" when you've personally seen some of these same people hide their agenda behind that to trash PV.

Is their cancer contagious or does it just cause blindness.

[–] [deleted] 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago