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[–] 7092941? 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

I am kind of an asshat. I won't deny that. No idea what is happening today. Srs stalking talking about my ass and things went from there. I wonder if they realize they are exposing themselves and their tactics this way.


[–] 7093343? [S] 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

A lot of people notice just don't want to be the target of their SRS style harassment.

Good part is the worst of them seem to be having an existential meltdown being so obsessed with you, probably be cutting themselves tonight.


[–] 7093423? 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

probably be cutting themselves tonight

I only want them to fuck off from voat. No need for bodily harm.


[–] 7094015? 8 points -2 points (+6|-8) ago 

This happened because you're a hostile dick to everyone you talk to. I interacted with you once and it ended in prompt with you telling me I'm on your 'list.' You're probably an alright guy, but go fuck yourself idiot. It's unfortunate but you got your smokeratez handle flamed probably permanently around here at this point. The more you tell people not to troll you, the more you will definitely get trolled. Don't cry about it, you brought it on yourself. Love you bro. Stay on voat but get a new handle


[–] 7095736? 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

You mean I put you on the ignore list? So that we won't have disagreements anymore? How is that being hostile? I am a dick to assholes usually. You must have acted like an asshole.


[–] 7097972? 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Nah you wont force him off with your harassment @atko @puttitout